Nail Art Course

Nail Art Course

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This course will provide detailed explanation of techniques and designs. Those already working in the industry will benefit if you're aiming to start creating, and/or if you enjoy being creative with your clients.

Content: Practical

Hours: 5

Day Course: 10 AM - 3 PM

Evening Course: 4 PM - 9 PM

Portfolio: Pictures

Course Syllabus:

✨Preparation of the Nails
✨Health and Safety
✨Nail Art and Designs
✨Equipment and Brushes
✨All Material provided by SBA
✨SBA Certificate of Completion

Our Courses

focus on providing students with advanced knowledge to help improve their skills and technigues as a beauty artists.

What Beauty means to us

From learning how to master the basics to improving their talents with expert-level techniques, it is our goal to give students the knowledge and skills to take their abilities to a whole new level.

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